ESN Bilkent consists of full-time students, Turkish and international, who know the lay of the land, speak passable English, are able to formulate creative responses to developing situations, and have an easy-going attitude. We expect our members to be more than just tour guides. They must have a good sense of responsibility, discipline, self-confidence, an open mind, and the ability to communicate with students coming from dozens of countries. We organize discounts, parties, national and international trips.


ESN Bilkent 2022-2023 Board Members:

  • President: İrem Aslan
  • Vice President: Dilay Selin Yıldırım
  • Local Representative: Nil Hamavioğlu
  • Treasurer: Malika Sarsenkulova
  • Event&Trip Coordinator: Buğra Bulut
  • Cause&Communication Coordinator: Yüksel Yasemin Altuntaş
  • Social Media&Desing Manager: Nazlı Hilal Ersoy
  • Web Project Administrator: Berk Çöllü
  • Project Coordinator: Azra Çetinkaya
  • Secretary: Hazal Mursaloğlu


ESN Bilkent 2022-2023 Advisory Board Members:

  • Ebi Kristo
  • Ubaid Ur Rehman
  • Malika Sarsenkulova
  • Melike Turanlı